Student rights

Students can expect to learn and work in an environment that is civil, safe and respectful of their well-being and dignity.

Your rights

To learn
  • the right to protection and accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (subject to limitations), such as for a documented physical, learning, medical, mental health or religious requirement;
  • the right to receive academic information as may be necessary to understand the requirements to successfully complete the course or academic program; 
  • the right to view submitted course work, to have the evaluation explained and reassessed, when appropriate; and
  • the right to use facilities designated by the college as available for student use.
To be safe
  • the right to learn and work in an environment that is safe, secure, free from harassment and/or discrimination and be treated with respect and dignity.
To be informed
  • the right to inquire and be informed about the rules and regulations of the college that affect students, including all policies, procedures and regulations;
  • the right to confidentiality and access to personal records as provided for under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and
  • the right to have a person you trust present at meetings with the college.
To be heard
  • the right to express personal opinions and views, subject always to the general law and laws of defamation; 
  • the right to self-identification and expression of personal and cultural identity and traditional knowledge, without fear of reprisal;
  • the right to make a complaint and/or inquire about academic or other college matters and to receive a response, without fear of reprisal;
  • the right to be informed of, and be able to respond to, allegations of unacceptable behaviour or any conduct for which sanctions are imposed; and
  • the right to form, join, or take part in a lawful group or organization in accordance with student responsibilities. 
To appeal
  • the right to request an appeal regarding matters which may affect academic status and/or promotion, as outlined in the Academic Dispute Resolution and Appeal Policy; and
  • the right to submit a challenge regarding the formal process taken and/or decision imposed by the college that could be considered unfair, unsubstantiated or detrimental to academic success. 

Conestoga College is committed to upholding the standards reflected in the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy (pdf) and procedure (pdf).