Conestoga - Laurier partnership programs

Earn a degree and a graduate certificate

Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning work in partnership to deliver innovative programs at our Brantford campus that provide students with a combination of theoretical knowledge and applied skills required to succeed in today's workforce.

You can earn both a bachelor’s degree from Laurier, as well as a graduate certificate from Conestoga. Eligible students will receive academic credits in transfer credits, dependent on their specific program. See the Program Chair for specific details.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of a Laurier-Conestoga joint program and find your perfect pairing at the Brantford campus.

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Laurier's partnership program

Human Rights (BA), Laurier

Laurier’s Bachelor of Human Rights (Honours) program addresses the human rights revolution in Canada and around the world.

You’ll study human rights, their origins, how they are protected, the current challenges they face and their relationship to human diversity in gender, race, religion, culture, disability and sexual orientation. With a thorough foundation of human rights and human diversity, you’ll gain highly-adaptable and transferable skills employers are seeking.

Laurier partnership program

Conestoga pathways with Laurier's Human Rights (BA) program

Conestoga's certificate programs to Laurier's degree program

Human Services Foundation

Conestoga's Human Services Foundation program is designed to support students as they prepare to enter a variety of career-based academic programs in the human service fields. The program will strengthen students' academic skills and assist them in developing greater knowledge and awareness of the range of human service career options.

HSF Partnership

Office Administration - General

Today's office is a dynamic place to work with global networking, communication, and workflows becoming increasingly complex and challenging. In order to ensure the efficiency of organizations, employers depend on office administrators to provide effective clerical support to all levels of management. Conestoga's Office Administration - General program will help you develop the necessary technical, organizational and interpersonal skills that will enhance your role as an effective office team member.

Office Administration - General Partnership
Conestoga's diploma programs to Laurier's degree program

Office Administration - Executive

Today's competitive global businesses require office professionals to manage the administrative tasks which support their challenging, dynamic office environments. Employers need office administrators with exceptional computer skills, efficient document processing skills, the ability to communicate professionally, and the organizational expertise to keep the office running smoothly. Conestoga's Office Administration - Executive program will help you gain the skills needed to meet the demands of today's complex office environment.

Office Administration - Executive

Office Administration - Legal

Conestoga's Office Administration - Legal program provides students with a specialization in legal administrative procedures and processes to meet the needs of an increasingly global and technologically advancing legal industry. Students receive extensive administrative training, with an emphasis on problem-solving skills, by completing client files and accounting procedures, while integrating a variety of current computer programs and specialized legal software.

Office Administration - legal Partnership
Laurier's degree program to Conestoga's graduate certificate programs

Career Development Professional

The world of work is rapidly changing, and new careers are emerging to meet current and future workforce needs. Conestoga's Career Development Professional program provides training to enter and/or advance in the field of career development such as career and employment advisors, career resource specialists, job developers, or career management professionals.

Career development professionals Partnership

Event Management

Conestoga's Event Management program is a one-year, full-time graduate certificate program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a growing industry in the planning and management of virtual and live in-person events. The program provides graduate students with specialized training and practical hands-on learning opportunities.

Event Management Partnership

Human Resources Management

In an increasingly complex working environment, the services of a competent human resources professional are highly valued. Thriving organizations employ these practitioners to manage their most important resource: the people who make things happen. Conestoga’s graduate certificate in Human Resources Management will prepare you to manage this vital resource.

Human resources management Partnership

Management in Community Services

Conestoga's Management in Community Services program is uniquely designed for emerging managers in the not-for-profit sector. You'll acquire skills in community development and engagement, program design and evaluation, project management, human resources, financial management, principles of management, and sponsorship and fundraising. Through a variety of projects, case studies, presentations and interactive learning opportunities, you'll gain the skills required for a career as a supervisor, manager or leader in the community services industry.

MICS - legal Partnership

Project Management

Conestoga's Project Management program will help you learn how to manage simple to complex projects from start to finish and become a critical part of an organization's most exciting achievements. Develop the skills you need to oversee project management activities such as planning, managing scope, costs and time while balancing client expectations.

Project Management Partnership