Student responsibilities

Students are expected to behave in a way that provides respect and dignity to the Conestoga community.

Your responsibilities

Respecting other people

Students have the responsibility to respect the well-being and the personal worth and dignity of all college students, employees and affiliated members. This includes, but is not limited. 

  • being mindful of personal well-being and initiating appropriate steps for self-care;
  • behaving in a way that does not harm, or threaten to harm, another person’s physical or mental well-being;
  • considering and respecting diverse perspectives and the ideas of others, even when conflicting with your own; and
  • refraining from using information and communication technologies to engage in deliberate, repeated and/or hostile behaviour that has a negative impact on another person’s dignity, causes harm, or makes a person feel unsafe.
Respecting the college learning and working environment

Students have the responsibility to actively contribute to a positive learning and working environment while on campus or participating in any learning experience associated with the college. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • refraining from disrupting or interfering with college activities or impeding the educational objectives of the college; 
  • using alcohol, tobacco and tobacco products, ceremonial medicines, or any other permitted substance responsibly and in designated areas only while on college property or participating in college activities;
  • requesting and receiving approval through Safety and Security to possess any item that could reasonably be considered a weapon (weapons are prohibited);
  • acting honestly in all academic matters and being honest when dealing with other members of the college community; and
  • complying with the direction of any college official who is acting in the proper performance of their duties and participating in any investigation as deemed appropriate or necessary by Safety and Security.
Respecting college spaces and college reputation

Students have the responsibility to respect college property and facilities as well as the property and facilities of employers and community partners. In addition, students have the responsibility to represent the college in a positive manner. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • refraining from using or taking property without appropriate permission;
  • being respectful and accountable when using, borrowing, and/or returning the property of the college or members of its community;
  • behaving in a way that obeys the rules and regulations of college-owned or operated facilities and other off-campus, non-Conestoga facilities while engaged in learning activities on their premises; and
  • demonstrating sound judgment and positive leadership when representing the college at all college-sponsored or affiliated events.

Conestoga College is committed to upholding the standards reflected in the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy (pdf) and procedure (pdf).