Applying to Conestoga

Congratulations on choosing Conestoga

Review all program information before starting your application to Conestoga. Make sure you meet the admission requirements and any other important applicant conditions.

Review the important steps below to help guide you through the application process.

Steps to applying

Before you apply

Learn what Conestoga has to offer

Consider your academic preparedness

Don't miss a deadline

How to apply

Full-time applicants

Canadian students
International students
Internationally trained immigrants (newcomers to Canada)

Please note: A non-refundable application fee must be paid with your application to The code for Conestoga College is CONS. Remember your application number - you'll need it later. 

Continuing Education


Accepting your offer

Q. How do I accept my offer?

You can view and confirm offers of admission online at

Q. What's the deadline?

The acceptance deadline is outlined in your acceptance letter.

Q. Can I change my program after I accept?

You can only accept one offer of admission at a time. After you've accepted the offer, you can change your decision and accept a different offer after one business day. This action will cancel the previous acceptance and other colleges will be informed that you chose Conestoga.  

Q. What if my offer has expired?

If your offer has expired, you'll have to contact your admissions officer to find out if there are still seats available in the program. If we don't have room in the program, ask to be placed on the waitlist.  

After you accept your offer

Dates to remember

Getting started as a new Conestoga student

Admission FAQ

Will you make decisions based on first semester mid-term marks?

Yes. We will make decisions based on first-semester mid-term marks for applicants who have met academic requirements and academic strength. Any offers sent out based on mid-term marks would be conditional upon successful completion of the course and the final mark. 

Will you make admissions decisions based only on grade 11 marks?

No. Conestoga College will not generate offers based solely on grade 11 marks. If the admission requirement is a Grade 12 subject, the College must have, at a minimum, confirmation of enrolment in the required subject. Where the minimum subject requirement is Grade 12, Grade 11 marks in required subjects may be used in the calculation of academic strength for those applicants currently enrolled in the required subjects. In such cases, any offers of admission would be conditional upon the successful completion of the required Grade 12 course and the final grade in that course. 

In the case of oversubscribed programs, many of these programs are full after the first round of admission decisions is made. This means that admission decisions are based on the marks available in early February. This may be a combination of final grades in required courses, mid-term grades in required courses, or marks from relevant Grade 11 courses. If the program is full prior to the College receiving second semester mid-term grades, we will NOT re-calculate the academic strength based on the second semester grades. However, we will use available second semester grades to determine the position on the wait list of applicants who have received a wait list offer. 

Are you making offers beginning November 1?

Yes. Effective fall 2021, Ontario Colleges can start sending offers of admission on November 1 to applicants who have met the admissions requirements for their program. 

Some programs, including oversubscribed programs, will not send offers until after the equal consideration date (February 1) and all supplemental information or attendance at mandatory information sessions have been completed. Therefore, depending on the program, offers could be received as early as November 1, or after February 1.

Offers are not sent until the Admissions Office receives official transcripts and is able to make an admission decision.

With offers being sent as early as November 1, is May 1 still the confirmation date?

Yes. Applicants must confirm their acceptance by May 1, unless the offer is extended after this date. 

Do you accept applications after February 1?

Yes. Applications are accepted after February 1 in most programs. While some programs fill up quickly (oversubscribed programs), many programs remain available up to the start of classes. Applicants are always encouraged to apply early and to visit to view the program offerings and their status. 

Do I really need to apply before February 1 to an oversubscribed program?

Yes. Most oversubscribed programs do not accept applications later than February 1. You are encouraged to submit your application early in order to avoid missing the deadline. 

If I get a Conditional Offer of Admission, how will I know if I really have a spot in the program?

When you receive an Offer of Admission, either conditional or unconditional, this means that the spot in the program is reserved for you. The offer will only be rescinded if you fail to meet the condition prior to the start of the program (or the deadline specified on your offer). 

Do you accept transcripts from private career colleges?

No, Conestoga College does not accept transcripts from private career colleges, except where specific agreements exist. If you require further clarification, please contact: