Award recipients

Notice to OSAP students

All awards, scholarships, and bursaries administered by the college will be reported to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities on your behalf and this information will be used to update your OSAP application. This may affect your OSAP assessment. If there is an adjustment to your OSAP you will be notified via the OSAP portal.

Social Insurance Number

If you receive an award, scholarship or bursary, Student Financial Services will require your Social Insurance Number. According to the Canada Revenue Agency, we require Social Insurance Numbers in order to generate a T4A form for your income tax purposes.

Income tax – T4A awards

You will be issued a T4A slip by the college in February for all scholarship, bursary or award funds issued by the college in the prior tax year if the total of all awards is greater than $500. It is your responsibility to check with Canada Revenue Agency to see if you need to report this information on your income taxes. 

Income tax – T2202A education fees

T2202A forms are issued to students who have paid more than $100.00 in eligible fees for qualifying post-secondary studies in the prior tax year. T2202A form(s) are available through the Student Portal. For more information regarding T2202A forms, please visit the T2202A FAQ.

Convocation program

If you are selected to receive an award, bursary, scholarship or academic grant while at Conestoga, your name and the award you received are printed in the convocation program when you graduate. The Conestoga Student Assistance Fund (CCSAF) Bursary and Bursary for Exceptional Circumstances are not included. If you do not want your award included in the convocation program, please email

Thanking donors

It is important that students demonstrate gratitude for the support they receive through donor-funded awards and this can be done through a simple gesture of thanks. Thank you notes mean a great deal to our donors and when they see the impact their gifts have, it not only gives them a sense of pride, but encourages them to continue giving in support of other students.

The Donor Relations and Stewardship office will contact recipients regarding thank you letters for donor-funded awards. Contact Julie Gillis, manager, Donor Relations and Stewardship for more information.