Training solutions

Conestoga's Custom Training Solutions continually improves the workforce through innovative services. Whether your organization is looking for training, skills assessments, or guest speakers to inspire your team, we have the solution.


  • Provided in short modules to minimize time away from work
  • Delivered on demand: virtually, on campus, or at your workplace
  • Customized, innovative, and solution-based

Skills assessments

  • Hands-on and written skills assessments for hiring decisions and professional development
  • Written exams to challenge professional certification

Employee engagement

Inspire, motivate, and challenge your team to think differently about how they do their work. Learn about innovative ideas and spark engagement with your team.

  • Guest speakers
  • Ask the expert
  • Lunch & learns

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

Yes, a payment schedule can be coordinated with your Training Consultant.    

Are all courses worth college credits?

No, not all workshops and training are for credit. A Recognition of Learning document will be presented to each participant, however, these do not indicate credit for a course. Please speak to your Training Consultant to see if your specific training is for credit.     

Do you offer customizable training for my company/organization?

Yes, we can customize and create training that suits your needs.      

What are your available delivery methods?

We can provide face-to-face delivery at your location, on our campuses, or for some topics and workshops, remotely by using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.     

Do you offer training off site?

Yes, if you have a large boardroom or training space, we can send our instructors to you.     

Are there any training grants available?

Yes, the Canada Ontario Job Grant will subsidize training expenses. Please contact the Community Career Centre to learn more.    

How many students are required for custom training?

A minimum of 12 students are required for a custom training solution.