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Faculty Strike Update

OPSEU CAAT Academic, the union representing faculty at Ontario's 24 public colleges, has rejected the colleges' final offer of settlement. Faculty at Ontario's 24 public colleges are now on strike.  As a result all current block and day release schooling for apprentices is suspended.  

We will update this page with information for apprentices as it becomes available. Visit Conestoga's home page regularly for the most up-to-date information regarding the strike.

‎For apprentices currently attending trade school:

Day release apprentices: classes will be suspended for the duration of the strike. Classes will resume as soon as possible once a settlement is reached, so check for updates prior to your scheduled day. Please note that it is possible that the end date of each day release intake may be extended.

Block release apprentices: Conestoga will contact apprentices directly once the strike ends to provide an update about the completion of their level. 

Employment Insurance: apprentices should contact the EI Contact Centre 1-800-206-7218 for any questions about their EI benefits.

For apprentices registered/confirmed to attend an upcoming intake of trade school:

Information will be available on this page. Conestoga will contact apprentices directly to communicate information about any amendments to start dates.

Conestoga College is a Training Delivery Agent (TDA) for the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) for many apprenticeship programs in the industrial, construction, motive power and service sectors.

Conestoga offers apprenticeship training in both day release and block training at our various campuses.

Offer of Classroom Training

In order to receive an Offer of Classroom Training from the MAESD you must have an employer sponsor and be signed on as an apprentice with the government.

An apprentice in Ontario must also be a member in good standing throughout their entire apprenticeship with the Ontario College of Trades.

For more information on apprenticeship training contact your local Employment Ontario apprenticeship office.

Register for Trade School

First-Time Apprentices at Conestoga
  1. You must have your:
    • Offer of Classroom Training
    • MAESD Client ID Number(Located on your Offer of Classroom Training)
    • Class Number
  2. Get your Conestoga Student Number by contacting Katrina Jacome
  3. Register and pay for your seat online
  4. From Student Portal:
    • Select Financial tab
    • Apprenticeship Registration
Returning Apprentices to Conestoga
  1. You must have your:
    • MAESD Offer of Classroom Training Letter
    • MAESD Client ID Number (Located on your Offer of Classroom Training)
    • Class Number
    • Conestoga Student Number (Located on previous Payment Receipts or Timetables, Student Cards)
  2. Register and pay for your seat online
  3. From Student Portal:
    • Select Financial tab
    • Apprenticeship Registration

Contact: Katrina Jacome
or (519) 748-5220 ext. 3244

Next Steps

Once you have successfully registered and paid you can find out more about how you can prepare for your success prior to attending trade school. In the Orientation section you will find more information about your first day of class.

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