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International Women's Day Committee

Volunteer Position Description


The International Women's Day (IWD) Student Committee provides a great opportunity for students to experience civic responsibility first-hand and gain a greater sense of connection to the college community. The student committee will play a key leadership role in the execution of on-campus activities to increase awareness of global citizenship, and how students can positively impact their local and global communities.

Weekly team meetings provide opportunities for development and growth related to event planning, community development and team-building!

This is a short-term volunteer opportunity which lasts from early February to mid-March each year.

Volunteer Requirements

Roles and Responsibilities

To join the IWD Committee, fill out the application form under the International Women’s Day Organization on the Co-Curricular Record.

For more information, contact Chelsea Winn, Student Life Programmer – Leadership Initiatives, at, or ext. 3310.

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