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What is CSL

Campus Service Learning (CSL) is an integrative educational approach where students achieve their learning outcomes through intentional learning activities within the College community.

More simply, we see our college as a community. CSL gives students the opportunity to give back to the community and to educate fellow peers on a range of subjects that help to build an inclusive, respectful and well-rounded student community. Students achieve this by engaging in dynamic, experiential activities that meet their course learning outcomes. This could include students developing interactive displays about subjects related to health and wellness or cultural diversity, or students learning how to organize and lead an official fundraising event on campus for a community organization.

Key CSL Programming Themes

The Student Life Department has developed four key theme areas for CSL programming, including:


Following the exercise, students are encouraged to reflect on their experience as a way of reviewing the journey through the CSL initiative. Reflection is the lens through which one thinks critically about their experience, deeply considering how the actions performed intentionally link to specific learning goals. Methods for doing this may include reflective journals throughout the experience, or a reflection paper at the end of the initiative.

Prior to the CSL, students are also encouraged to intentionally contemplate the challenges, needs and expectations they hope to have from a CSL experience. This can be done through informal dialogues or team-builders that the Student Life Department and Faculty facilitate within the classroom.

Through Campus Service Learning, Conestoga becomes intentionally learning-centered both within and outside of the classroom!

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