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How Would I Get My Class Involved in a CSL?

To engage your class in a CSL activity, please review the above theme areas and initiatives to see if there is a theme that would best suit your class and course(s).

Once you know of a potential CSL exercise you would like to partner on, contact:

Doon (Kitchener) Campus
Contact Jenni Bauer (, Student Life Programmer, ext. 2315
Waterloo Campus
Contact Ian Kearney (, Student Life Programmer, ext. 2372 (Doon) or ext. 258 (Waterloo)
Guelph Campus
Contact Laura Black (, Student Life Programmer, ext. 2373
Cambridge Campus
Contact Sarah Daly (, Student Life Programmer, ext. 2583 (Doon & Cambridge)

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss potential involvement and, if applicable, work through a CSL Contract with you to assist both partners in clarifying roles and responsibilities in the initiative (i.e. the Faculty's role and the Student Life Department's role).

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