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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go back to school?

By attending College you are able to develop personal and interpersonal skills, and grow personally and academically. It is a secure environment in which you can be challenged academically and professionally in order to advance your career prospective. College education allows for individuals to secure a better future for yourself and family.

What do I need before I arrive?

The College creates a Student Checklist that outlines everything that new students may need to do before beginning their program. The Student Checklist is available online on the Orientation website.
Student Orientation Checklist (pdf).

What are the important points to know about the first couple of weeks of school?

It is a chaotic time filled with many events and information sessions. It is common to feel overwhelmed since you will be in a new and unfamiliar environment. The key is to take one day at a time and use organization material to help manage the transition. DO NOT be afraid to ask for help!!! All staff at Conestoga College are here to help students succeed and thrive in the College environment.

How will I be able to relate to the younger generation of students?

The new generation of students are commonly known as Net Generation, Generation Y, or the Millennials. These are students just like you! In order to connect with Millennials, one must understand how they learn and what they believe in. Establishing positive and healthy relationships with Millennial students can be a tremendously rewarding experience for the adult learner.

How can I organize my time effectively?

Many adult learners worry about balancing their time to meet all the commitments in their lives. It is challenging to balance school, work and a family. However, there are some basic tools that many students feel are invaluable in organizing their time.

What happens if I am feeling overwhelmed or need support balancing my personal and academic life?

There are also many services on campus to help you learn to balance all the aspects of your life. It is not uncommon for mature students to feel overwhelmed with both the new and pre-existing demands on their time. Counselling Services and the Learning Commons are here to support you and offer help and suggestions.

The Learning Commons can assist you with a variety of support services. You can collaborate with a peer tutor to achieve your academic goals. You can make an appointment with a Learning Skills Advisor to discuss time management, study and test-taking tips or with Writing Services to learn more about the expectations for college level writing and how to improve your writing skills. To learn how to make an appointment or to learn more about their services visit their website.

Counselling Services is open to every student and you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss with a counsellor the challenges that you may be facing. There are many people to support you so you never need to feel alone. You can contact Counselling Services.

What about child care services?

The College operates five child care facilities throughout Waterloo Region, one at Doon campus and four at elementary schools. They are open to College staff, students and members of the community. If you want more information about Conestoga's child care centres please visit the website.

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