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What is Respect?

Respect@Conestoga is a student-centred initiative that aims to:

  • Reinforce the positive behaviours already established on our campus;
  • Develop awareness of the impact of disrespectful behaviours;
  • Encourage action by providing students with the tools to be leaders and role models of respect;
  • Encourage courtesy, respect, and civility as topics of discussion among the student body.


In 2008, a cross-college committee of diverse Conestoga community members was formed to develop the strategy for our Respect Campaign.

We would like to thank Confederation College for their shared best practices and support in our planning stages, as the concept was inspired by their vision to build a respectful and tolerant campus community.  We also appreciate the leadership from our students in graphic design who have developed our promotional materials from the beginning; collaboration has always been a fundamental asset of this campaign.

In September 2008, the campaign was launched during Orientation. Coordinated by Student Engagement, Respect@Conestoga remains active today, continuously evolving in both direction and mandate.

What Respect Means at Conestoga

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