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Recent Projects

There are three basic categories for research projects at Conestoga:

Each project category offers its own unique opportunities for the participants to explore.

Independent Projects

Independent applied research projects are normally characterized as large projects (outside of normal curriculum) requiring external government funding and taking six or more months to complete. These projects can provide the maximum flexibility and opportunity for companies to invest in new ideas in a cost effective way.

Recent Independent Projects
Title Lead Year
Technology for Food: Opportunities for Manufacturing in Ontario
Read the report (pdf)
Barb Fennessy Current
Prototype Laser Non-Contact Material Measurement System for Plasma Cutting System Hamid Karbasi Current
Manufacturing Data Tracking and Production Line Enhancements Russell Foubert 2016
Abnormality Tracking and Analysis in Discrete Manufacturing Norbert Mika Current
Prototype Black Plastic Sorting Technology using MWIR Hyper-Spectral Imaging Hamid Karbasi Current
Robotic assisted recycling of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and Flat Panel Displays (FPD) Hamid Karbasi Current
Development of a Prototype Manufacturing System for Silicon Single-Crystal Backplane Array for OLED Large Displays Calin Stoicoiu / Karen Cain Current
Gold Sniffer Prototype – Phase 3 Jack Cole 2016
Using cricket flour as an ingredient in a sports/breakfast nutrition bar: a feasibility study David Smiderle 2014

Curriculum Projects

Curriculum-based applied research projects are aligned with the course curriculum. They involve many of the students in the class and normally take less than eight months to complete (in order to align with curriculum requirements). Companies have the opportunity to engage an entire class on solving a particular problem.

Recent Curriculum Projects
Title Course Lead Year
Prototype for profile bending robotic cell MECH73250 Calin Stoicoiu / Cris Pop 2015
Automated Transformer Coil Winding System MECH73250 Calin Stoicoiu / Cris Pop 2015
Automated fresh fruit dispensing and bottle filling station MECH73250 Calin Stoicoiu 2014

Capstone, Final-Year or Thesis Projects

Capstone, final-year or thesis projects provides an opportunity for students to engage with companies or organizations directly (usually in small student teams) to solve or explore a specific problem. These projects normally run between four to eight months depending upon the program. Conestoga hosts hundreds of these projects each year.

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