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Quality Engagement

Student Feedback

Student feedback is an essential component of our continuous improvement process. Our opportunities for student feedback include:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicator surveys are conducted annually with students, employers and graduates to provide vital feedback on many areas which relate to program quality. This quantitative data is collected and analyzed to determine areas of strength as well as potential areas for improvement. KPI data is integrated throughout our program review process.

Please visit Colleges Ontario for more information on KPIs and to view each college's results.

Student Appraisal of Teaching

Conestoga regularly collects Student Appraisal of Teaching feedback. Every semester students in the classes of selected faculty participate in a survey to assess student satisfaction with teaching. Results are used to identify needs for program amendments and professional development oppotunities for our faculty. The results of this feedback are incorporated into the program review process.

Student Focus Groups

Conestoga often connects with students using Focus Groups to give them the opportunity to meet other students to provide qualitative feedback and share insights to support college decision making.

Program Advisory Committees (PACs)

Conestoga students benefit from Program Advisory Committees for diploma, degree and certificate programs. Committees are composed of volunteers who are employed in functional areas related to the program including; employers, practitioners and recent program graduates. Students, faculty and administrators serve as resources to the PACs while representing the college.

The role of the PACs is to provide a strategic outlook on three essential elements of the program:

Each element supports Conestoga’s Strategic Mandate (pdf).

Each program lists member companies on the program information page, please visit a program page for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a Program Advisory Committee member, contact

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