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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

What is a ONE Card?

A ONE Card is the official identification for day time Conestoga students and employees. It gives students access to eligible services, events, printing and more!

How do I submit my photo?

After your deposit is paid you can upload your photo from a link on the ONE Card website. Alternatively you may visit your local campus ONE Card office to have your picture taken.

How do I get my card?

ONE Cards can be picked up during Orientation or at the Doon ONE Card office in 2E08. Cambridge, Waterloo, and Guelph campus students must pick up their cards from their local campus administration offices.

In order to receive a ONE Card, students need to have paid or made arrangements for their semester fees and provide a piece of government-issued photo ID to confirm identity.

Can I load money on my card?

Students are able to load their ONE Card with CONDOR CASH to be eligible for Condor Perks and make on-campus purchases easily.

After a student’s card has been picked up, funds can be deposited and managed through “Load Condor Cash” via the ONE Card site,

Alternatively, students can deposit funds in the ONE Card office or at any Bookstore location.

Why should I put money on my card?

Using Condor Cash has many benefits. It gives you the convenience of a debit card but without any banking fees or service charges. Using Condor Cash allows cardholders to be eligible for Condor Perks like express lines and special discounts.

What if I have a Visa/Debit card or Master Card/Debit card?

Use the Interac option on the cash loading portal and if you have difficulty use the Credit Card option. The ONE Card office is available to answer questions via phone at 519 748-5220 x3530.

Is CONDOR CASH the same thing as PRINT CREDITS?

No, Condor Cash and your non-refundable print credits are two different accounts. Condor Cash is used for purchasing on campus. Your non-refundable print credits are used for on-campus printing (excluding CSI Hubs & MT Print). Your ONE Card is used to release print jobs in some locations, however, the print job itself is paid for with your non-refundable print credits. Non-refundable print credits are reset to $60 each semester. Once your print credit balance reaches $0, print charges will draw from your Condor Cash balance.

Can I get a refund?

Condor Cash will automatically roll to the next semester. You are allowed one refund per semester. To start the refund process you will need to visit your local ONE Card office location to complete a request form. Refunds will be processed within 14 days and a cheque will be mailed to the address provided. There is an administrative charge of $50.

How do I see the transactions I have made?

On the website you can click on the button “Load Condor Cash” to login to the portal and view your transactions.

How do I login to the “Load Condor Cash” portal?

Students can login with their Conestoga network login and password.

Parents/others may deposit money into a student’s account using the student number and student date of birth.

What forms of deposits do you accept?

If you click on the LOAD CONDOR CASH button at will be able to login to the portal which will accept debit or credit.

If you visit the Bookstore in person, you can load with cash, credit or debit.

The ONE Card office in 2E08 in Doon will also accept credit or debit in person.

Where can I use Condor Cash?

Condor Cash can be used to purchase items at the Bookstore, vending machines, food service locations as well as the CSI Service Hubs and Health and Wellness Office.

Will the ONE Card work at the Pita Pit located in the Recreation Center?


What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Stolen and lost cards should be suspended immediately. You can suspend your card via our website You will need to click on “Suspend ONE Card” to login to the portal. Choose “Account tool” tab, then “CONFIRM” to suspend card. Alternatively, students can go to the ONE Card office in person or call in and speak to a ONE Card office staff member. DO NOT notify the ONE Card office of a lost or stolen card by sending an email or leaving a voicemail as we cannot guarantee your card will be suspended immediately. If you find your ONE Card after it has been suspended, you will need to come into the local ONE Card office to have your card reactivated or replaced. There is a $20 replacement fee and you will need to show government issued photo identification.

Does my card expire?

ONE Cards do not have expiry dates. Our cards are intended to follow students to convocation and beyond. We consider you part of the Conestoga community even when an alumni.

Why can’t I put a hole in my card to put it on a lanyard?

The ONE Card has built-in chip technology and an antennas which allows students to tap and swipe their cards around campus. Putting a hole in the card will cause damage, which may cause the card to malfunction. Replacement cards are $20 and can be purchased at the ONE Card office and at the Bookstore (Doon campus).

Where do I find the terms of use?

The terms of use can be found on our website, You acknowledge this terms of use when you login to your student portal each year. You also acknowledge these terms when you upload a photo for your ONE Card and when you do your first deposit into your Condor Cash account.

Where can I go to ask more questions?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free email us at

You can also socialize with us on Twitter @CC_ONECard, Facebook /ConestogaOneCard and Instagram @ConestogaOneCard!

We are happy to assist and provide you with seamless and “simple” service.

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