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Condor Cash

Students and employees can now load their ONE Card "Condor Cash" account with funds through a web portal. Once you have your ONE Card, please select the Load Condor Cash button on the left to proceed.

Funds can be loaded by students, employees or parents.

Why Use Condor Cash?

Condor Cash is an accepted form of payment for purchases at:

Please note: Condor Cash and your non-refundable print credits are two different accounts. Condor Cash is used for purchasing on campus. Your non-refundable print credits are used for on-campus printing (excluding CSI Hubs & MT Print). 

Your ONE Card is used to release print jobs in some locations, however, the print job itself is paid for with your non-refundable print credits. Non-refundable print credits are reset to $60 each semester. Once your print credit balance reaches $0, print charges will draw from your Condor Cash balance. Learn more about printing and photocopying on campus.

Condor Cash is NOT an accepted form of tender to pay any fees at the registrar's office.

Watch the story about Condor Cash from Spoke Online.

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Loading Condor Cash

How much Condor Cash should I load?

Estimate semester spending with our Condor Cash worksheet.

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