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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to see the doctor?

ANSWER: No. Doctor appointments are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for Ontario students or the StudentCare plan for international students. You must bring your Health Card to every appointment. However, you do have to pay for services such as doctor's notes, physical exams required by third parties (driver's license, employers, government, athletics, etc.), and letters for academic consideration.

How do I book an appointment?

ANSWER: You must book an appointment to see the doctor. You can either call the Medical Care Clinic at (519) 748-5220, ext. 3679 or drop into the office during business hours to set up a time. When booking an appointment, the receptionist will usually ask you what the nature of the visit is (what you need to see the doctor about) in order to schedule the appropriate amount of time for you and the doctor.

If I opt-out of the Health Plan can I still use the Medical Care Clinic?

ANSWER: Yes! The CSI Health Plan for extended health is for items such as medications, dental, vision, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. All full-time students are automatically enrolled in these plans to ensure coverage but you may opt-out in the fall if you are covered under an alternative plan, for example your parent's plan.

Why do I have to show my Ontario Health Card every time?

ANSWER: Your Health Card contains your personal health insurance information. Many of these cards have expiry dates and many also have something called a version code. This information is essential for billing purposes. If we don't have this information our clinic cannot be reimbursed by the Ministry for services provided. We need to see the card each time to avoid having to bill you directly. Health Cards from other provinces are also accepted.

How do I renew my Ontario Health Card?

ANSWER: White & red health cards do not need renewed. However, your photo health card has an expiry date that is linked to your date of birth. The first time you apply for a photo health card, the expiry date can be anywhere from two to seven years in the future. When your photo health card is renewed, the renewal date will always be five years in the future and linked to your date of birth. To renew, you will need to visit an OHIP office to renew your health card and have a photo taken.

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