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There are many opportunities to support a school, program or initiative that is meaningful to you. Giving to a school or program directly is a great way to affect change in the lives of students pursuing their education at Conestoga. Below you will find a list of funds directly related to each school. Please contact us to learn more about how you can become part of something great.

School of Business and Hospitality Fund

Business students quickly learn that the world is their classroom. This fund supports student participation in competitions and conferences throughout North America and enables the school to add value to the classroom experience through initiatives such as guest speakers. This fund provides the school with the flexible resources to support student activities.

School of Engineering and Information Technology Fund

In a highly applied learning environment, this fund is used to support students as active participants in their own education through in-class projects, design teams, competitions, conferences, speakers and engineering student groups.

School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services Fund

This student-focused fund ensures that students will be well prepared for the responsibilities ahead of them upon graduation. The School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services Fund supports visiting lecturers, participation in professional conferences and the necessary resources to enhance and expand the learning environment.

School of Media & Design Fund

The media, design and communications industries are constantly evolving. In order to keep on top of the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that students will be job ready, the School of Media and Design Fund supports work integrated learning activities such as field trips, conferences, guest lecturers, real-world projects, and the acquisition of leading edge resources.

School of Trades and Apprenticeship Fund

The School of Trades and Apprenticeship Fund ensures that students have the resources necessary to turn the theories and methods they learned in the classroom into applied skills that will serve them in the working world. This fund is used to purchase equipment and materials used by students on a daily basis.

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