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Student Awards

More than 60 per cent of Conestoga students qualify for government assistance. By directing your gift towards an award, bursary or scholarship you will be giving the gift of education to a deserving student while making a positive impact on the regional economy. You have the choice of either creating your own fund or donating to an existing one.

Conestoga Student Excellence Fund

Gifts to the Conestoga Student Excellence Fund give Conestoga the greatest flexibility in responding to student needs and reacting to changing circumstances. This endowed fund supports the demonstrated achievements and needs of all Conestoga students. Support this fund now.

Named funds

Choosing an endowed fund allows your contribution to become a permanent part of the college. Endowed funds ensure that awards, bursaries and scholarship serve the college in perpetuity. A minimum gift of $12,500 will establish an endowed fund that may be named for you or to honour a special person in your life—a family member, friend or favourite teacher. Annual income will be disbursed to students, providing much needed financial support so they can complete their studies. There are many established endowed funds which you may also choose to support through your gift.

Examples of some Student Aid/Awards options:

Scholarships are monetary awards based on academic excellence and, in some cases, other forms of earned merit. Scholarships have a specified value in terms of monetary benefit to the recipient. Scholarship categories, include entrance, in-course, part-time, specific achievement (open to all students, usually for achievement in a single course), and graduating students.

Bursaries are monetary awards based on financial need as determined by Conestoga, and may also include a minimum expectation of academic achievement or other miscellaneous criteria.

Academic Grants are monetary awards based on a combination of merit and financial need. A student may receive an academic grant in addition to any other scholarships, prizes or bursaries for which she/he is eligible.

Please contact us for more information about establishing a student award at Conestoga.

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