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One of the most important decisions about making a gift is how you want your money to benefit the college.

You may decide that you to use it to meet top priority needs that are address immediately. Or you may prefer to designate your gift as an endowed fund.

Choosing an endowed fund allows your contribution to become a permanent part of the college. Endowed funds provide Conestoga with a stable, reliable source of funding. The principal is invested to obtain above average returns and sustain long-term growth with a minimum of risk. The annual income is used as you choose—to support scholarships or research, for a specific school or for the college as a whole. Thanks to Conestoga’s investment policies and expert advisors, your gift will provide a permanent benefit to the Conestoga community.

Endowed funds may be named for you or to honor a special person in your life - a family member, friend, or favourite teacher, for example. There are many established endowed funds which you may also choose to support through your gift.

Please contact us for more information about establishing an endowment fund at Conestoga.

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