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A Gift-in-Kind donation occurs when a donor voluntarily transfers title of capital property to the Conestoga. As this capital property is transferred to the college without expectation of benefit, these gifts are considered to be charitable in nature and qualify for tax receipts.

Examples of a Gift-in-Kind donation include:

Gift-in-Kind donations enable us to enrich our students’ learning experiences and provide them with the materials and equipment they need to succeed.

Things to consider when donating capital property

A third party appraisal may be required to establish a value for the donation of the capital property. For capital property donations that do not exceed $1,000 it may be appropriate for a qualified faculty member to provide the appraisal; in cases where the value of the capital property exceeds $1,000 Conestoga may ask that the donor pay for the appraisal.

We would welcome inquires about Gift-in-Kind. Please contact the Development Office to discuss your donation.

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