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Few legal instruments are more important to the people and causes you care about than your Will. Through a bequest, you can also have a direct impact on the future of Conestoga’s academic excellence and create a legacy that will live on for future generations. To make a gift to Conestoga from your estate, you must draft a new Will or add a codicil to your present Will. A bequest may be of any amount, restricted or unrestricted. It can include cash, securities, real estate, other property or a percentage of the residue of your estate.

To ensure that your wishes are honoured, a bequest should be prepared in consultation with your lawyer and discussed with the Development Office at Conestoga.

Advantages of Bequests

Things to Consider When Making a Bequest

What type and amount of bequest do you want to make?

Do you want your bequest to be unrestricted or restricted?

An unrestricted gift provides the college with flexibility to use bequests where they are needed most. However, some donors have personal philanthropic interests they wish to support through their gifts. For example, donors may specify that a particular school or program be the recipients of their bequests or that the gift be directed toward specific Student Aid/Awards, library acquisitions, or research.

Do you want your bequest to be endowed or expendable?

If a bequest is $12,500 or more, the donor may choose to establish an endowed fund. Endowed funds provide income every year in perpetuity to carry out the wishes of the donor. Endowed funds may also be named to honour the donor or a loved one. If you decide you want your bequest to be expendable, both the principal and any income are spent for the designated purpose.

Do you want to be recognized or remain anonymous for your bequest?

Many donors choose to allow Conestoga to recognize their bequest in our donor report. This is our way of recognizing you and encouraging others to consider a similar type of gift. Bequest amounts are not disclosed. Of course, any request for anonymity is strictly observed.

Establishing a Bequest

A bequest is a simple but powerful way to make a gift to Conestoga. If you haven’t already done so, please consider putting Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in your will. The Development staff at Conestoga would be pleased to work with you and/or your lawyer to help you establish a bequest, including providing sample language tailored to your specific interests.

If you have made arrangements to make a bequest to Conestoga, we request that you send us a completed Statement of Intent (pdf) form so that we may ensure proper administration of your gift.

Please contact us for more information about establishing a bequest at Conestoga.

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