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Resetting your Password

OSAP has made their documents password-protected to protect the highly confidential information that is on those pages. You use your OSAP login password to open the documents. Your login password may not work to open the documents if it is longer than 12 characters. In that case, use only the first 12 characters of your password.

If you forget your password you will need to visit a Financial Aid Office at a public college or university. You will need to bring your government-issued photo ID and Social Insurance Card to retrieve that information.

Note: If you do not have a SIN card, proof of SIN for OSAP purposes includes: SIN card (or photocopy), CRA Notice of Assessment, GST/HST assessment, Child Tax Benefit, Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions or receipt for a new SIN card from Service Canada. (T4, T1, T5 forms are NOT accepted)

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