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Waste Audits and Waste Reduction and Diversion

Conestoga College aims to reach the 60% waste diversion rate legislated by the Government of Ontario. In order to track this goal, Conestoga completes an annual detailed waste audit to assess how much material is disposed of through recycling, organic waste composting, garbage, and various material specific diversion programs. The results of these audits allow for the evaluation of the recycling and composting program, and to identify opportunities to improve on the 3R's: Reduction, Reuse and Recycling. The Waste Audit is a formal, structured process that is conducted on a typical 24 hour day cycle in order to capture a typical day’s waste stream. The results are detailed in an annual report and a Waste Reduction Work Plan which is required to be submitted to the Government of Ontario on an nnual basis. The recommendations set out in the work plan are implemented through Facilities Management in cooperation with various College departments.

Support this effort by informing yourself on what is compostable and recyclable by checking the signage placed near the bins, or by reviewing the do's and don'ts found on the recycling page.

Highlights: Conestoga's 2013 diversion rate is 54%. Our goal of reaching 60% can be accomplished by focusing on placing waste in the appropriate waste stream and adhering to the 3R's. The most commonly misplaced materials in the garbage; meaning they could have been either recycled or composted are:

  1. Organics, or food waste at 50%
  2. Paper Towels at 11%
  3. Coffee Cups at 5%

Diverting as much material from landfill is important, but reducing the waste from being created in the first place is the ideal action. Bringing a reusable mug may sound like old news, but considering that college wide we throw out approximately 3200 coffee cups each day, this is a news flash worth repeating .  If you end up with a paper cup, remember to compost it by placing it (first remove the lid)in the Organic bin, in any college cafeteria. 

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