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Recognizing the Signs of Suicide

During times of particular stress, thoughts of suicide can be common or chronic for some people. These thoughts may be a normal response to feeling that there are no solutions to the current problem, or feeling that "I don't want to continue living like this."

Sometimes, these thoughts can be fleeting and we can feel like life is worth living again. At other times, stress can seem intolerable and as a result, the thoughts of suicide are persistent and may reach a crisis stage where you are afraid you may act on them.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, tell someone in the clearest way you can.

Offer help to someone who is acting:

Offer help to someone who is feeling:

Offer help to someone who is experiencing any of these life situations:

Offer help to someone who is talking about:

You can help

What we know about suicide is that talking about these thoughts does not contribute to attempting suicide, but actually gives permission to be able to talk about your reality and know that someone is listening and cares.

Talking about thoughts of suicide provides a release for these feelings and allows for problem-solving to begin or, at the very least, support for what you are going through.

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know who may be at risk of suicide, please get help immediately.

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