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In-Class Presentations

Counsellors can provide workshops in the classroom for your students.  Given the time constraints and breadth of the topics, these workshops would be introductory.  However, they may encourage students who need additional assistance to meet with a counsellor individually for more in-depth help. 

To accommodate requests, we ask for sufficient notice for scheduling these presentations. 

Counsellors offer the following topics, and in some cases, they can also be tailored for your program:

Stress Management

Provides an understanding of what stress is and some techniques for managing stress and achieving a better balance in life.

Conflict Management

Provides insight into the dynamics that create conflict and an awareness of differing styles of dealing with conflict.  An application to group work in the classroom can be a component.

Relaxation Techniques

Offers the benefits of learning and using methods to achieve a deeper relaxation with some in-class application.

Test Anxiety

Helps students to recognize the signs of test anxiety and offers some approaches to managing this.

Public Speaking Anxiety

Teaches the nature of anxiety and its effects when giving presentations; it also offers some techniques to manage anxiety and strategies for public speaking.


safeTalk is a three-hour training presentation that prepares participants to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources. safeTalk-trained suicide alert helpers will learn to apply the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep Safe) to connect a person with thoughts of suicide to intervention caregivers.

Cultural Diversity

Provides an opportunity to discuss increasing diversity in Canadian society as well as in our classrooms and/or respective fields.  Possible themes which can be addressed include the impact of culture shock and a model for understanding culture shock, tips for intercultural communication, and helpful resources (websites and handouts).

Healthy Relationships

Offers students information about communication styles, strategies and techniques for use in enhancing and maximizing self-respect, understanding and effective dialogue in the classroom and personal relationships with family, friends and partners.

Self Care Workshop

Geared toward students who are studying to become helping professionals. Its purpose is to prevent burnout and promote balance and well-being in the lives of developing helping professionals.

Assertive Communication

Communication is a vital ingredient to well-functioning workplaces, communities and personal relationships. The assertive communication workshop is designed to help participants communicate with clarity and respect, without falling into the traps of passivity and aggression.

To discuss or request these workshops, please contact us.

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