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Provincial Survey Results

Get to know our Continuing Education students - Winter 2015

Every three years, a comprehensive survey is administered to continuing education students in 24 community colleges in Ontario. The colleges have a combined total of more than 150,000 part-time student registrations each fall and Conestoga's share of that total is around 30,000 registrations.

The highlights of the most recent survey are presented below and provide a comprehensive look at continuing education students and programming at Conestoga.

Who are they?

Why are they here?

Career development is only one reason why students take our courses.

Student Motivations
Reasons for taking CE course In-Class Students Distance Learning Students
Improving myself for my current career 36% 50%
Preparing to change careers 23% 23%
Personal development 16% 10%
Looking for a job 8% 9%
Hobby or interest 9% 1%
Seeking credit towards another program 4% 4%

What do students think of our courses?

For all indicators, Conestoga performs above or equal to the provincial average.

The most influential teaching and learning items (in order) are:

  1. Course content
  2. Instructor's presentation of course material
  3. Fairness of evaluation
  4. Instructor presents material at a comfortable speed
  5. Opportunity for participation

According to our students, our top strengths include:

For more information about these survey results, or to receive the full report, please contact Tania Masters at 519-748-5220 ext. 3149

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