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Startup Students

Entrepreneurship is Canada's hottest career choice! This dynamic series is FREE for all Conestoga students, part-time and full-time, who want start a business. Experienced entrepreneurs and expert professionals will help get you started. The series is offered twice per year; attend one or all of the workshops. Catch Start Planning and Start Pitching to qualify for our fast pitch competition - the Startup Challenge. Your chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes and be entered into our C4E Hall of Fame!

Get Started

Own your future! There is nothing better than making a living doing something you love. Join us for this fun-filled workshop and discover what kind of business is right for you. You might even want to develop a side gig to help fund your education! The Get Started workshop helps you find opportunities, and evaluate risks and startup options. Learn how entrepreneurial characteristics contribute to your success.

Start Planning

Do you have a business idea that you think will work? Are you really passionate about your idea? Good planning will set your business on the road to success. This workshop will take you through some essential steps for creating a business plan. We focus on your operating requirements and financial needs, and help you to identify possible sources of financing.

Start Connecting

Personal networking is one of the most effective ways to build a successful business. Who you know does matter, because people make things happen. We refer to this as "social capital". Tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can also generate a great deal of value. Join us for this workshop and learn how to connect and collaborate to build your customer base and entrepreneurial network.

Start Pitching

You never know when you might have an opportunity to pitch your business - on the bus, in the mall, or during a meeting with investors. You need to be prepared. An "elevator pitch" is vital for presenting your business with a message that is short and to the point. This workshop will help you put together a pitch that identifies your product or service, your customer, your business model, and your value proposition.

Startup Students Challenge

Welcome to our version of "Dragon's Den". This competition is exciting, lots of fun, and a great opportunity to showcase your business potential. A panel of judges will review business plans to select up to six finalists who will go on to compete for thousands of dollars in prizes!

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