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Student Rights

Students at the College shall have and may exercise their individual rights and freedoms subject to the rules, regulations and discipline of the College and subject, always, to the need to respect and protect the rights of other members of the College community. Subject to these qualifications, the following rights and freedoms of students are recognized by the College:
  1. Freedom of Speech - The right to express themselves on any subject without hindrance, but subject always to the general law and the laws of defamation;
  2. Freedom to Publish - The right to publish and distribute their views on campus, either personally, or through the student press, free from censorship, but subject to the general law and the laws of defamation;
  3. Assembly - The right to organize and take part in orderly assemblies on campus, so long as such assemblies are not contrary to College rules and regulations;
  4. Organizations - The right to form, join and take part in any lawful group or organization, subject to College rules and regulations;
  5. Student Organization - The right to form, elect and maintain a democratic student organization for the purpose of organizing and administering the proper affairs of students;
  6. Impartial Grading - The right to be graded on academic performance and to be protected against prejudice or capricious evaluation by faculty;
  7. Academic Appeal - The right to request an Appeal regarding those matters which may affect academic status and/or promotion (reference: College Appeals Board);
  8. Information - The right to enquire into, and be informed about, the reasons for College rules and regulations, and the right to make representation for changes in such rules and regulations;
  9. Use of Facilities/Equipment - So long as College facilities are not required for College purposes and are generally available for use, any recognized student organization may apply for the use of College facilities upon agreement to abide by such uniform regulations as may be laid down, including the payment of fees or expenses;
  10. Security of Person - The right to be secure from harassment, including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment shall be defined as:
    a. Vexatious comment(s) or conduct that is known, or ought reasonably to be known, to be unwelcome (i.e., sexual remarks, allegations or physical contacts that are degrading).
    b. Unwelcome sexual advance(s) or solicitation made by a person who is in position to grant or deny a benefit to another.
    c. When a person who is in a position to grant or deny a benefit threatens or institutes a reprisal against the person who rejected his or her sexual advance;
  11. Privacy of Records - The right to access their personal academic or non-academic records, including the right to request a correction of any personal information believed to be in error or incomplete;
  12. Release of Information - Student records are considered to be confidential personal information, which is not released except in the following circumstances:
    a. With the consent of the student,
    b. For the administrative or statistical purposes of the College and/or the Ministries and Agencies of the Government of Ontario and Canada,
    c. For investigation leading to law enforcement, and/or
    d. For compassionate circumstances to facilitate contact with next of kin;
  13. Discipline - The right to have the enforcement of all disciplinary matters follow the procedures laid down in the College Policy and Procedures documents;
  14. Policies and Procedures - Policies and procedures of the College shall be published and made available to any student upon request. Students are advised that departments/programs within the College may have rules and regulations that are specific to their areas;
  15. Complaints and Petition - The right to make a reasonable complaint or petition to the appropriate authority;
  16. Academic Information - The right to obtain, in writing, and have access to, appropriate instructional information such as course outlines, grading/evaluation systems and notice of standing on request.
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