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Student Responsibilities

The right to attend the College carries with it responsibilities, and each student must adhere to the rules and regulations of the College if the student wishes to remain enrolled at the College. A student’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Written or other work which a student submits in a course shall be the product of his/her own efforts. Plagiarism, cheating, or other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. Cheating means the misrepresentation by the student of his/her performance in a college setting. Actions which are considered cheating include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Copying from another student’s or students’ paper or work assignment;
    2. Using materials not authorized by the person giving the test;
    3. Collaborating with another student or students during a test without permission;
    4. Plagiarism, which means representing the work of others as one’s own, inclusive of purchases of a commercial nature;
    5. Falsification, which means modifying, without authorization, an assignment, examination paper, record, report or other written material;
    6. Using, buying, selling, stealing or soliciting contents of a test or examination or other written work;
    7. Taking a test for another student or permitting another student to take a test for oneself; or
    8. Attempting to bribe an instructor to obtain a passing grade or better grade on an assignment.
  2. A student shall:
    1. Furnish accurate and honest information to College officials or on official College records. Furthermore, he/she shall not forge, alter or misuse the College name, the name of any College employee, documents, records or identification.
    2. Not attempt to obstruct or disrupt teaching administration, disciplinary procedures or other College activities.
    3. Not enter, or attempt to enter, closed College facilities; not to disrupt, or attempt to disrupt, the scheduled use of College facilities; not to block, or attempt to block, access to or from College facilities; or not remain within, or attempt to remain within, College facilities after closing, unless authorized to do so by the President’s designated representative.
    4. Take no action which may threaten or may endanger the safety, health or life, or may impair the freedom of any person; nor shall a student make any verbal threat of such action.
    5. Take no action which may damage, or may tend to damage, property not the student’s own.
    6. Not appropriate for the student’s own use, sale or other disposition, any College property not the student’s own, without consent of the owner or the person legally responsible for it.
    7. Not engage in disorderly conduct as defined by provincial statute, no rengage in disturbing the peace, as defined by law, on College-owned or controlled property, or at College-sponsored or supervised functions.
    8. Not possess, use, manufacture, produce, distribute or aid in the use, manufacture, production or distribution of any controlled substance involving alcohol or drugs, except as expressly permitted by law.
    9. Not possess, consume, furnish or aid in the consumption or furnishing of alcoholic beverages on College property, except as permitted by College policy.
    10. Not possess or use firearms, explosives (including fireworks), dangerous chemicals, or weapons of any kind on College-owned or controlled property. (See page 29)
    11. Not ignite a fire on College-owned or controlled property; in addition, a student shall not make, or cause to be made, a false fire alarm or tamper with, damage or otherwise misuse fire safety equipment.
    12. Not use or possess any College access key without proper authorization, and not duplicate a College key under any circumstances.
    13. Adhere to, and co-operate with, emergency evacuation procedures prescribed for any building, and shall not fail to follow those procedures nor disregard emergency or fire alarm signals.
    14. Not remove, without authorization, nor wilfully mutilate library materials.
    15. Comply with the directions of College staff acting in the performance of their regular or delegated duties, and must identify himself or herself to those staff upon request.
    16. Pay fines or restitutions levied by College-designated authority.
    17. Observe rules and regulations concerning the use of campus buildings and other College-owned or operated facilities and services (Note: Conestoga is a smoke-free college).
    18. Comply with the directions of College staff regarding the wearing of safety equipment in shops and labs, and shall follow all safety or controlled property.
  3. If a student is implicated in the violation of any College rule or regulation, whether he or she directly committed the act or omission constituting the violation, or aided and abetted in the violation, the student may be treated as if he or she had directly committed such violation.
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