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Student Concerns/Issues

The college recognizes that disputes between members of the college community are bound to occur from time to time. A student who wishes to complain about a situation that does not fall under the academic appeals policy and procedures, outlined in the Student Guide, is asked to adhere to the following process.

If a student is unsure which procedure should be followed, then the Vice-President of Student Affairs, the Registrar (or Associate Registrar) or a counsellor can be contacted to obtain clarification. All conversations will be kept confidential without fear of reprisal.

  1. Step One: Complaints should be raised as soon as possible after the occurrence giving rise to the complaint. Most problems can be solved by dealing directly with the person(s) perceived to be creating the problem. If assistance is needed at this stage, the college encourages students to consult with a counsellor at Student Services. The counsellor, as a neutral party, can act as a resource and provide support. If the individuals who are party to the dispute agree, a facilitated meeting or consultation may be involved to resolve the issue at an early stage. However, if the issue is not resolved or if the student is not comfortable approaching the person(s) in question then the student should proceed to step two.
  2. Step Two: The student must discuss the concern with the chair or designate detailing the actions that have occurred to date. The chair/designate will meet with the student within ten (10) days of the concern being raised or upon receiving the student concern/issue form. It is the chair's/designate's responsibility to investigate the concern and attempt to resolve it. If the concern involves a member of staff, it is also the chair's/designate's responsibility to provide the staff member with an opportunity to respond to the concern. If the concern is resolved at this stage, the chair/designate is responsible for ensuring the student concern/issue form is appropriately filled out and signed by both parties and forwarded to the VP Student Affairs Office. If the student is not in agreement with the outcome, the student shall request that the chair/designate refer the matter to the VP Student Affairs Office for final resolve.

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