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Top Seven Tips to Make Classrooms Accessible

Create Accessible Word Documents and PowerPoints

New educational materials must be created in an accessible format. Learn how to do this.

Caption Videos

Ensure that all videos being shown in the classroom or on eConestoga are captioned. Always turn the captioning on. Provide visual description upon request. Talk to the captioning contact before you begin to make videos.

Book and Deliver Tests on time

When you receive an email alert containing a link to the Accessibility Services Hub, please check the Accommodation Tab to view the list of students with accommodations by class:

Text Books, Course Packs, and Course Ware are available in an accessible text format

The Adaptive Technology Lab spends a lot of time converting course materials and tests into alternate formats like, Braille, audio, and enlarged print, which makes last minute changes very difficult to manage. To do this work they require text based, electronic versions of documents.
When ordering books or course ware:

Discuss concerns about accommodations ahead of time

Some accommodations may conflict with course objectives or may cause safety issues. Contact the student’s advisor in Accessibility Services if you have questions or concerns about a student’s accommodations.

Learn more about disabilities and respect confidentiality.

Please do not ask a student what their disability is, as that is confidential information. Take the time to learn more about all disability types so that you can better support all students.

Field Trips, Placements, and Co-op need to be planned with accessibility in mind

The AODA legislation applies to education and employment, so students have the right to accommodation in school and at work.
Find out more about how to support a student who may need accommodation in the work place:

For Staff

Accessibility Services has developed procedural manuals to guide the practices of Classroom Assistants (pdf), Interpreters (pdf) and Computerized Note Takers (pdf) as they work with students with disabilities within the college. The supports and services provided by Accessibility Services are intended to allow students to pursue their college education in a way that respects their dignity, encourages independence in their academic pursuits and promotes full participation in the college community.

Please refer to these manuals for common procedures and practices. Should you have any questions about interpreting the manual for the specific student you are working with, please contact the student's Accessibility Counsellor at 519-748-5220 ext. 3232

Staff Manuals

Faculty Resources

The following faculty resources have been prepared by the College Committee on Disability Issues (CCDI).

Click on the link to open up the document in a ready to print format.

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