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College Administration

Name Ext. Title Department
Tibbits, John 3500
President President’s Office
Vice-Presidents/Executive Deans
Name Ext. Title Department
Biedermann, Julia 3212 Executive Dean Schools of Engineering & Information Technology, Trades & Apprenticeship and the Institute of Food Processing Technology
Dinning, Mike 3305 Vice-President Student Affairs
Eaglesham, Laura 3499 Chief Financial Officer Finance
Fennessy, Barbara 2294 Vice-President Applied Research & International Education
Hallam, Gary 3245 Executive Dean School of Business & Hospitality and Media & Design
Humphreys, James Executive Dean School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services
Kelly, Barbara 2217 Vice-President Academic Administration
McLay, Rusty 3528 Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel Office of the CAO and General Counsel
Osborne, Paul 3419 Associate Vice-President Marketing & Enrolment Management (Registrar)
Schelling, Sandra 3221 Executive Dean Continuing Education, On-Line Learning & Corporate Training
Woodhall, Fred 3651 Chief Information Officer Computer Systems
Name Ext. Title Department
Abraham, Mike 3273 Director Information Technology Services
Akhtar, Rizwan 3650 Director Information Management Systems
Bradley-McMurtrie, Kirsty 3514 Director Safety and Security
Carmichael, Robin 2310 Associate Director Advancement Operations
Cassidy, Brenda 3336 Director Corporate Communications
Dawson, Kristine 3438 Director Co-operative Education and Career Services
Fila, Jeff 3381 Director Organizational Development
Fraser, Andrew 2267 Director Applied Research & Entrepreneurship
Kolenko, Ignac 2280 Director, Centre for Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Engineering & Information Technology
Lagrotteria, Jen 2370 Director On-Line Learning
Lartigue, Patti 2491 Director Marketing
Lipton-Bos, Bonnie 2269 Director Student Success Services
Mathers, Shawn 3459 Director Development
Phelps, Connie 2746 Director Institutional Research & Planning
Schenk, Shelley 3333 Director Human Resources
Schill, Tim 3211 Director Facilities Management
Tetlow, Fiona 3395 Director Budgeting and Reporting
Wach, Christine 3678 Director International Recruitment, Business, Development & IELTS
Webb, Helena 3248 Director Office of the President
Weigel-Green, Trish 2335 Director Library Resource Centre (LRC)
Deans and Chairs
Name Ext. Title Department
Banham, Rachel 3831 Chair Trades & Apprenticeship (Doon/Ingersoll)
Boscart, Veronique 2964 CIHR/Schlegel Chair IRCC in Seniors Care
Botschner, Janos 3421 Chair Community Safety
Brown, Crystal 2178 Chair Conestoga Language Institute
Buuck, Christine 3675 Dean Language & Communications Studies and Liberal Studies
Cain, Karen 2244 Chair Engineering and Information Technology
Cross, Heather 3932 Chair Nursing
Diamond, Mike 3370 Chair Engineering & Information Technology and Corporate Training
Finch, Paul 2395 Chair Health Science
Garcia, Luis 2475 Chair Institute of Food Processing Technology
Gnutzman, Michelle 2320 Chair School of Media & Design
Heyer, Michelle 2503 Associate Chair Nursing Post-Grad Programs
Karbasi, Hamid 2287 Chair IRCC in Advanced Recycling Technologies
Kell, Tanya 2483 Chair Access Programs
McGlashan, Sheila 2399 Chair Workforce Development & Part-time Studies
Monk, Curt 3344 Chair Informatics & Life Sciences
Moyer, Suzanne 5234 Chair Trades & Apprenticeship
Muller, Keith 5274 Chair Hospitality
O'Toole, Cathy 3603 Chair Human Services
Premsukh Singh, Lil 2387 Chair Part-time Studies - Business
Ranson, Sylvia 3866 Chair Business
Salehi, Pejman 3251 Chair Engineering & Information Technology
Schmitz, Andrew 2319 Chair Liberal Studies
Smiderle, David 3871 Chair Business
Speers, Stephen 6151 Chair Trades & Apprenticeship
Stoicoiu, Calin 3297 Chair Engineering & Information Technology
Tal, Oded 2553 Chair Business
Vukelich, Goranka 3393 Dean Community Services
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